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    MoversZone is an online marketplace where customers can get instant quotes with guaranteed prices for moving, storage and box companies and book online any time, day or night. Our corporate services program enables you to offer preferred pricing perks to your employees and gain better cost and efficiency controls over your corporate relocation services.

About MoversZone Corporate Services

We take the burden off your HR team by providing you and your employees with all the tools needed to manage employee relocations. We then go one step further and offer the same discounts and benefits directly to your employees for their personal moving needs—at no expense to you.

With MoversZone, customers and employers can get Instant price quotes, read our real customer reviews and book a guaranteed price within minutes! Saving you time, money and headaches, we make it simple to plan and manage moves no matter what requirements you have to meet.

Why MoversZone?

MoversZone is more than just a moving company. Moving home or office hassles free and adding a smile on our customer face is our passion. In order to share this passion, we’ve made it our mission to provide exceptional packing & moving service at fair prices. We are a bunch of tech geeks & strategic thinkers who are revolutionizing the moving industry with simple booking processes and uncompromising transparency.  

MoversZone - Corporate Moving Benefits

Employee Benefits

Using MoversZone allows moving customers to get instant quotes and booking with guaranteed pricing and assured services. This automatically saves money and time—but employees of MoversZone Corporate Services members get additional discounts just for being a part of your company. Cheaper moving prices without losing any value or services.

Corporate Relocations Dashboard

For HR departments managing many employee relocations, our comprehensive dashboard allows you to view individual move plans, compare multiple moving companies and their prices in one page and utilize multiple payment methods from credit cards to invoicing.

Cost Controls

Do you require instant multiple quotes for moving? Do you have set budgets for employee reimbursements or tiers of supplemental assistance? The real time pricing of all available moving companies enables you or your employees to make informed decisions instantly.

Moving Concierge Services

MoversZone corporate services member companies and their employees also have access to a wide array of ancillary concierge services, including discounts and member giveaways. Whether you just need help getting boxes or want discounts on cleaning services or home décor, MoversZone partner companies have offers exclusively for you.

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